Awards winner

Way Ahead Care are delighted to annouce that our nominee Ahlana Bisgrove came away a winner at the 9th annual Care Focus Somerset Care Awards. Ahlana was nominated for her bravey during a inicdent in July last year.

On the 16th of July 2015 the Scheme Manager of Kilkenny Court received a call from a tenant and asked Ahlana respond. On entering the flat Ahlana found the tenant stood up in the kitchen with a knife in his chest. He had stabbed himself in an attempt to take his own life.

An ambulance was immediately but in teh meantime Ahlana continued to talk to the tenant to keep him calm, ensuring that he remained standing and that he didn’t pull the knife out – something he was trying to do.

We are all incredibly proud of what Ahlana did and that her bravery has been recognised at these awards.

Ahlana is one from a long list of Way Ahead Care staff that have been winners at the Care Focus Somerset Care Awards since it begun 9 years ago.