In the UK there are an estimated 6 million informal carers dedicating their time to providing unpaid care for a relative or friend who is ill, frail or disabled. Often, family and informal carers put their own needs aside to cater to the complex care needs of the person they are looking after. Way Ahead Care can provide short term or ad hoc respite care to individuals or couples in their own home, to allow their informal carer a well-earned rest.

Carers miss out on basic things that most take for granted: a weekend away, a nice meal, even a full night’s sleep. There are many ways a respite care service can benefit an individual or their carer.

Flexible respite care

We can provide flexible and highly trained staff to assume any or all care duties that the informal carer might be responsible for. This service can then enable the carer to go on holiday, have a weekend away or just have a few hours off. Alternatively, it could provide reassurance in the event the main carer is required to take time off, perhaps to recover from an illness or operation. This could be for a number of days, or a number of weeks according to need.

Additionally, we can provide staff to sit with, or accompany individuals, for periods of the day to either achieve specific outcomes or perhaps enable the main carer to attend appointments. For example, the time could be used for:

  • Attending appointments or social engagements
  • Activities outdoors including day trips and exercise
  • Support with hobbies and interests   

There is no end to the types of things that can be achieved or delivered within the scope of this flexible respite care service, whether it is for a few hours a week or for longer periods of time.

Help with the cost of respite care

You may be able to claim funding to subsidise the cost of this respite care service, especially if it is being used to support a carer in need. We would be happy to help, advise or support you in obtaining this financial support.

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