Our domiciliary services offer many ways to support independent living for someone within their own home including –

  • Sitting & companionship
  • Personal care services
  • Domestic services
  • Night care services
  • Food preparation & nutritional monitoring

However, this is not an exhaustive list and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you further how we could assist you or a loved one with individual home care needs.

Sitting & Companionship Service

Combating loneliness and isolation is very important in maintaining someone’s wellbeing.

There is an estimated 6 million Carers dedicating their time to providing unpaid care to a relative or friend that is ill, frail or disabled. Carers miss out on basic things that most of us take for granted: a weekend away, a nice meal, even a full night’s sleep. There are many ways the sitting and companionship service can benefit an individual or their Carer.

We can provide flexible and highly trained staff to sit with or accompany individuals for periods of the day to either achieve specific outcomes or enable Carers to attend regular/ad hoc appointments, or just have a well-earned rest.

The time can be used for:

  • The attending of appointments or social engagements
  • Activities outdoors including day trips and exercise
  • Support with hobbies and interests

There is no end to the types of things that can be achieved or delivered within this service, whether it is for just a few hours a week or to cover periods of time while a Carer is away or ill themselves. You maybe also be able to claim funding or money to subsidise the cost of this service, especially if it is being used to support a Carer who is in need of some respite. We would be happy to help advise or support you in obtaining this funding.

Learn more about funding options for home care services.

Personal Care Services

This can typically cover a wide range of everyday personal requirements including:

  • Washing and bathing
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Assisting or prompting medication
  • Assistance with getting up and/or putting to bed
  • Toileting services
  • Moving & Handling with or without the use of mechanical aids
  • Structured rehabilitation programmes
  • Assistance in the application of preventative creams/ointments
  • Monitoring of and the collection of Prescriptions

Domestic Services

Being unable to complete the day to day housekeeping tasks is sometimes a hard thing to accept and some help and assistance within the home can go a long way to improving someone’s wellbeing. We can relieve the worry of being unable to complete these tasks and provide flexible, effective assistance around the home specific to the individual’s requirements and preferences. This can be provided on a regular or ad hoc basis and can include:

  • Purchasing shopping on behalf of, or accompanying on shopping trips
  • Light domestic tasks (vacuuming & dusting)
  • Laundry
  • Dish Washing
  • Assistance with the care of pets
  • Collecting Pensions/Paying Bills

Night Care Services

Care and support services that are required throughout the night can be delivered in 2 ways depending on the individual’s needs. Traditionally these services have been used in situations where individuals live alone and have specific short-term requirements or when the primary Carer is in need of a break.

  • Sleepovers – Are when a member of staff is allocated to your home for the night and sleeps within your home and assists to the needs of the individual as and when required and provide peace of mind that the individual’s requirements are met. For Sleepover services an adequate area will need to be provided for the visiting member of staff to sleep. (If you are considering a large number of sleepovers it might be more cost effective to consider Live-in Care.)
  • Waking Nights – Are when a member of staff is allocated to your home for the night and remains awake to assist with the needs of the individual as and when required and provide peace of mind that the individual’s requirements are met.

Food & Nutritional Requirements

Either in isolation or as part of an ongoing care & support package we can assist in the preparation and monitoring of food and nutritional requirements. In addition we can also assist in:

  • Ensuring compliance with dietary needs e.g. diabetes
  • Weekly Menu planning
  • Supervising or helping with eating and drinking
  • Preparation of snacks and drinks in advance

Setting up a home care package

Learn more about setting up a home care package.

Funding options

Learn more about funding options for home care services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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