Organising and starting care for the elderly is a big decision and can be achieved a number of ways. Way Ahead Care strives to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible. We understand that every individual is different and have their own needs, requirements and preferences.

Moving to a care home isn’t the only option for people, care at home is a viable and achievable option for those needing elderly care or support.

Care package funding

If you are looking to fund your own care service, in the first instance we suggest you call your local Way Ahead Care office. We will then be able to answer any initial questions you might have regarding providing private care to individuals. Alternatively you can look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page which has a wealth of information regarding providing care at home, respite care, dementia care and home help within the community.

Personalising a care package

We would immediately look to arrange a meeting with the person to receive the service as well as  other family/advocates/caregivers that wish to be present. We can then assess and discuss the levels of care and support that would be needed to meet the needs and outcomes desired by the individual. This could be either very low level companion care or more complex dementia care. Way Ahead Care has a vast experience of providing elderly care and assisted living to enable people to stay in the comfort of their own home.

We would need to complete a number of assessments in line with our regulatory requirements for providing domiciliary care, and some further paperwork that would include Terms & Conditions of Service.

Depending on our staffing capacity and the level of home care required, we may be able to start the care within 24/48hrs or at a desired date if preferred.

Getting help with care costs

If you are not sure whether your home care will be funded by the Local Authority we suggest that you make contact with the Local Authority to arrange an assessment by a Social Worker to consider whether or not you have an eligible need. If you or a loved one is assessed to have an eligible need the Social Worker will discuss with you your options for accessing a service through their network of senior care providers. If Way Ahead Care is not one of the providers on their list, you can asked for a ‘Direct Payment’ and purchase the care from us through an individual agreement, using the direct payment.

Learn more about funding a care package.

Learn more from our Frequently Asked Questions page.