Bath College Care Academy

Way Ahead Care (WAC) visited Bath College to work with Level’s 1-3 Health and Social Care students for the day. This was arranged for the relaunch of the Care Academy, whom we are in partnership with.

Staff from Step Ahead Training Centre, WAC’s own training department demonstrated to the students how to use moving and handling equipment and students participated by working in small groups in a variety of scenarios. This gave them a true sense of how it feels to work in the community as a Care and Support worker. The demonstrations were held in a purpose built apartment in the College which gave students a perception on how the Service User may feel whilst in receipt of care.

The Trainers also discussed the benefits of providing Care in the Community to individuals who have a desire to remain in their own home and maintain their independence with help from Care and Support workers that visit them. Working with the Care Academy at these events is important as we build working relationships with the students who will be looking at careers in the care industry when their studies have finished. The aim is to also make the transition into employment a more seamless experience as they have worked and met with the professionals before.

This exercise and others like them are integral to the future of caring for our elderly population the community’s most vulnerable.