Service During COVID Feedback – Extra Care Housing

It is important that, from time to time, we ask for feedback on our performance as a care provider.

As the UK and the rest of the Europe slowly starts to come out for the pandemic lockdown we felt that this is an opportune time to ask our service users for feedback on how Way Ahead Care did during this challenging time.

We sent out a questionnaire for individuals to complete and return. Using a very simple scoring method, service users where able score each questions using either the Happy, Indifferent, or Sad face, and were given the opportunity to comment in support of their score.

The results for our Extra Care Housing Schemes is as follows:


Incomplete form

How would you rate the quality and suitability of information about COVID-10 provided to you by Way Ahead Care?


21% 1%


How would you rate the quality and suitability of care & support you have received throughout the pandemic?


13% 3%


Do you feel Way Ahead Care have been able to meet your needs throughout this pandemic?


13% 1%


Did the staff that visited you wear all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (gloves, aprons, face masks and eye protection) effectively and consistently?




Did you notice that they frequently changed their PPE throughout your care visit?


19% 1%


Did you need any additional support throughout this period due to family members not being able to help? If so, were we able to help you with these issues?


24% 3%


Did you notice any decline in service delivery and timings of calls


21% 1%


How do you think we performed with regards to keeping you updated about current COVID-19 challenges?


14% 3%


Did the carers that visited you make you feel safe and secure in your own home?




These figures are based on a return rate of 31%

To support their score some service said the following:

  • “Good effort all round and fantastic care from staff throughout”
    “Way Ahead carers are doing an amazing job and have done whatever was needed at the time”
  • “From what I can see the carers have worked very hard and appear to have the patience of saints. Sometimes a lot better than I could have done if the role was reversed”
  • “For months now we have not had enough carers to do much other than a regular care once a day. Hopefully it will improve due to office staff not getting our rota correct”
  • “We have almost felt locked up like prisoners. Top staff could have organised more like other homes and bungalows”