flu jab

Flu Jab

flu jabWith flu season is right around the corner and we will be going into this flu season with a range of challenges. The issue at hand is maintaining government guidelines by making sure we are limiting the spread of the flu whilst dealing with COVID-19.

In light of the risk of flu and COVID-19 co-circulating this winter, the national flu immunisation programme will be absolutely essential to protecting vulnerable people and supporting the resilience of the health and care system.

The Government have announced that all frontline health and social care workers should receive a vaccination this season. Way Ahead Care have strongly advised all staff to get a flu jab this season.

As an incentive to do so, all Way Ahead Care staff that get a flu jab before 1st December 2020 will receive a £20 Love to Shop voucher as a thank you.

For more information on flu jabs please see the link below.