Way Ahead Care Complaints Procedure

In the first instance the complaint should be taken by a Care Co-ordinator. “If it is of a serious nature the Co-ordinator will refer the complaint to the Care Manager and this will be noted on the record of complaint and handed to the Care Manager as a matter of urgency. The Care Manager will acknowledge the service users complaint within five days and initiate a full investigation. The service user will be notified of the results of this investigation and the actions taken within twenty eight days of the date of the complaint, or sooner if practicable.

If the service user is not satisfied with the result of the investigation they have the right to appeal to the Managing Director of Way Ahead Care. The Managing Director will then make a further investigation and will inform the service user of the results of this investigation within fourteen days.

At any time during this procedure the service user is at liberty to appoint an Advocate to deal with this matter on their behalf. The service user may also refer the matter to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) at any time during the investigations. CQC are the regulatory body for Social Care, their address is detailed in the Service User Guide.

If the service user’s care is funded by the local authority, it may also be necessary to involve them in the investigations. To protect all parties involved it may be necessary to report allegations of theft or abuse to the police and raise a Safeguarding.

All correspondence and investigations will be recorded and kept on file. Investigations relating to staff will be recorded and kept in staff files.