Bravery Recognised

Ahlana Bisgrove and Alice Hartland met with Taunton Deane Mayor Councillor Marcia Hill on Monday in recognition for their tremendous bravery whilst on duty at Kilkenny Extra Care Housing Scheme.

On the 16th of July 2016 the Scheme Manager of Kilkenny Court received a call from a tenant and asked Ahlana respond. On entering the flat Ahlana found the tenant stood up in the kitchen with a knife in his chest. He had stabbed himself in an attempt to take his own life.

An ambulance was immediately called and Alice Hartland joined Ahlana in supporting the tenant. Between the two of them they continued to talk to the tenant to keep him calm, ensuring that he remained standing and that he didn’t pull the knife out – something he was trying to do.

It wasn’t long before the ambulance arrived, along with the police, and the tenant was stabilised and admitted into hospital.  Alana and Alice were commended by both the Police and Ambulance service for their bravery and the manner in which they dealt with this traumatic incident.

After receiving surgery the tenant has made a full recovery, thanks to the quick and calm actions from both Ahlana and Alice.

When you work in social care you know that each day presents a different challenge. However it is fair to say this challenge was certainly a testing one.  All too often the work of care and support staff in social care is either unappreciated or misrepresented. We are extremely proud of both Ahlana and Alice and are very pleased that their actions can be recognised by the Mayor and other front line services.

Thank you both, you are credit to Way Ahead Care