Scheme Managers and Trainers attended an event this week to learn about, and train to provide, Flexacise within our Extra Care Housing Schemes.

Way Ahead Care are keen to add to the portfolio of activities that can be provided within the schemes.

Being able to offer Flexacise within the schemes has a number of benefits. Active living is vital to retaining independence. We are keen for our tenants to remain as independent as possible without the need of engaging with care & support services. With Way Ahead Care having a 24hr presence in all schemes we are able to provide sessions at more flexible times. This ensures that it can be available to as many tenants as possible.

Flexacise is nothing new. As a concept is provided in most, if not all Residential and Care Homes up and down the country. Session are also put on in gyms and village halls for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Way Ahead Care has invested in this training for staff and its training department to ensure as many members of staff as possible are able to deliver Flexacise sessions to tenants and service users alike.

Here are a number of photos of the team taking part in a bit Flexacise themselves as part of their training and development. FLEXACISE – Coming to an Extra Care Scheme near you!!!!