Self-isolation & Sick Pay – guidance for our staff

We are all being inundated with information currently but we thought this could be useful to our staff.

Staff will receive any Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) due to them if they need to self-isolate because

  • they have coronavirus
  • they have coronavirus symptoms, for example a high temperature or new continuous cough
  • someone in their household has coronavirus symptoms
  • they’ve been told to self-isolate by a doctor or NHS 111

If someone has symptoms, everyone in their household must self-isolate for 14 days. Those who live alone must self-isolate for 7 days.

If a member of staff cannot work, they should tell their employer:

  • as soon as possible
  • the reason
  • how long they’re likely to be off for

We will be flexible if they require evidence from the member of staff, we realise it might be hard to provide a ‘fit note’ if they’ve been told to self-isolate for more than 7 days.

This information has been taken from the ACAS website and was valid on the day of publication. If you would like to read more please or check for further up dates please use the following link: